The Brothers 2+2 Band started as a teen-aged band back in the late 1970’s with 2 sets of brothers which is where the name originated from. But as the band evolved and gained additional members they decided to keep the name due to its gained notoriety and let the additional members be added features of the core group. 

Today, The Brothers 2+2 Band has become the house band of numerous annual events & some clients for over 15 years and their client base continues to grow with every performance. The Repertoire of this band is enormous and requires them to customize their play lists based on the submitted music requests upon booking. For this reason, The Brothers 2+2 Band can perform for all occasions and they play a wide variety & genre of music which includes R&B, Rock, Club, House, Country, Reggae, Calypso, Gospel & whatever is not on their list they are versatile enough to learn. They also come with a DJ for continuous music during breaks.

This Band’s years of performance experience has allowed them to be experts at assessing the crowd and performing the right songs at the right times to keep the dance floor packed all night long. This is why they have been the number one choice for live entertainment of numerous clients for years.

The video footage of The Brothers 2+2 Band is a wedding performance for the daughter of the CEO of Pro Entertainment Solutions and it concludes with a performance at an Annual Black Tie Gala of which they have been the house band for over 10 years

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